Rohi coaching´s mission is to make every professional feel a strong sense of work mastery, every day

I firmly believe that strong sense of mastery is key to work happiness.

To me, sense of work mastery means that you, your team, your business is aware of what you’re good at, where and how to stretch to improve, and what you shouldn’t be doing.

My experience is that with a strong sense of mastery at work you become:

  • More engaged in your work

  • A better partner and parent (you bring home less worries)

  • More at ease with yourself

A business with professionals that have a strong sense of work mastery, is likely to be more profitable.

Work is a human investment:

ROHI Coaching helps you get maximum Returns On your Human Investment by altering the awareness in you, your team, your business. As a result of our coaching talks you will be doing the things that give a strong sense of work mastery.

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Richard Stephen John