1 to 1 coaching

sharpen your professional focus and be a master at what you do

1 to 1 coaching is all about You. What I do is listen and ask questions.

To be able to have a sense of mastery at work, you will have to know what value you provide. Like it or not, most things we do in our professional life is measured. What do you want to see when you picture you self on the measuring board? How far are you from there now? If you are already there, how does it feel? Are you on the right measuring board? What if…..?

ROHI 1 to 1 Coaching has one purpose: Make you feel like a Master at Work!

Results you can expect from ROHI 1 to 1 coaching:

  • Awareness of your value at work and how to increase it

  • Tools to manage your professional life

  • Strong sense of mastery at work

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