team development

get great team performances with rohi team-coaching

Getting a set of individuals to work well together and engage in achieving collective results, is a well documented challenge.

Patrick Lencioni has written the leadership fable: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team His approach to the challenge is simple, easy to understand and resonates with most people.

Team Development with ROHI Coaching is team coaching sessions that guide you through a self assessment of:

  1. The level of trust in the team

  2. How you perceive conflict and how you engage in it

  3. To what extent you commit to plans and actions

  4. If and how you hold each other accountable

  5. Are you focused on achieving a collective result?

Based on the assessment, I help your team resolve issues that are “blocking” the teams development.

Actions that boost team development will be identified. You will have the awareness and tools to execute on these actions.

Results you can expect from ROHI Team-coaching:

  • Awareness of what makes a team perform well

  • Tools to “tune” team performance

  • Strong sense of mastery on individual and team level

  • Increased team productivity

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